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Owner & professional cycling tour guide Nick Christofalos started cutting his teeth on his red Stingray bicycle and riding long wheelies and jumping ramp to ramp with his close friends trying to emulate the late great Evel Knievel. 20 feet the record ramp to ramp at his parents' restaurant parking lot. At the early age of 11yrs old his father bought Nick his first motorcycle. After a couple of years of learning to ride his motorcycle and totally turned on to the Midwest & USA professional motocross scene. 

Nick started racing motocross at the age of 13 years old. Nick learned a lot about how to race, work on his own race bikes & keep it fun! There's so much more to that chapter of his life. (make sure ask about if you're out on a guided tour) Nick was also a self-taught musician and became proficient at playing the drums and guitar. Nick wore many hats as he matured, and at one time he and his wife owned a small independent music store, music school and bike shop all in the same close Neiborhood's where he was brought up.

Nick eventually got into racing mountain bikes, cyclocross and now gravel bike racing! Nick enjoys hiking, biking living in Asheville North Carolina with his wife and daughter that lives nearby for convenient rides together. 

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