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What To Bring

Here are the basics you will want to bring on your mountain bike or gravel grinder tour.


1. Hydration Pack is ideal or at least 2 to 3 water bottles for a short tour under 3 hrs. On a hot day you should be drinking about a 20oz bottle per hour of riding.


2. Tube that fits your wheel size.


3. Flat kit tools, Tire levers, Co2, or small air pump.


4. Multi Tool with Chain Breaker.


5.Extra chain link that fits your chain size.


6. A thin wind jacket or thin rain jacket.


7. Biking Gloves.

8. Eye Protection.

9.Sun Screen.

10. Cycling Helmet.


11.Electrolytes or Hydration drink like HEED.


12.Cell Phone charged up.


13.Cycling Pads and any Body Armore you generally use. NOT NESSASERY FOR URBAN TOURS OR GRAVEL GRINDER TOURS.






15. FOOD! Energy Bars & Energy Gels are great because they keep you from bonking and easy to pack away in your Jersey pockets or back pack. PBJ & banana's work too.

14.Padded cycling shorts make cycling much more comfortable and efficient, and help you ride faster and longer. If you don't want a sore bum you'll want to wear them.

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