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If you are new to the area or just visiting on your own, a guided bike tour is an excellent way to find the best nearby trails and urban bike routes. Asheville trails and taps guided tours are designed to get you going in the right direction on our local trails, road routes and bike paths, with out the hassle of having to do extensive research or mapping on your own.

All of our guides are local experts who are not only there to show you the trails but also answer questions, help with mechanicals and ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Nick @ New Belguim AVL



We will meet at Carrier Park parallel the French Broad River just outside of the River Arts District. This is a party pace ride unless you want it to be more up tempo? Also if you prefer not to sample any brews that works too.


We will ride to the "Mellowdrome" In Carrier Park to experience a few laps on the historic velodrome. We will then ride some of the local off the beaten dirt & paved paths exploring the River Arts District/ West Asheville to get a real local feel. On part of our tour we will visit the New Belgium Brewing and the Wedge At Foundation.


The  Foundation buildings are part of the River Arts community. Known for the large graffiti murals, the area is a draw for some of the nations top muralists. We will also ride through the hip and funky neighborhood of Chicken Hill. We can make a quick stop at one of the many art warehouses to experience original hand crafted art. We will conclude with our ride back to Carrier Park hitting some great scenic views along the way back.

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