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We had so much fun on our Mountain Bike Tour with Asheville Trails & Taps! Our guide, Nick, was wonderful. He did a great job helping us through the trails, keeping everything at our entry level. We will 100% ride with Nick again some day.

Chris & Alec,WI

Nick does a great job! 10/10 would use him for tours again in the future. He did a great job assessing our interests and capabilities, and found a grouping of trails to match. Would like to try one of his urban tours as well. His background will support guiding of newcomers, as well as experienced racers too. He will show you some great sites, makes sure you’re covered with good photos, and then proceed to make sure you get a solid ride with technical areas and nice climbs to compliment the ripping downhills.
Thanks for a great day!

Thomas, FL

This is an excellent service for anyone of any skill level.

I’m an avid mountain biker from central Florida, and enjoy a change of scenery from the extremely flat state that Florida is. In the summer of ‘21, I hired Nick to take me around DuPont State Recreational Forest, and it was perfect. He catered to my abilities (I had less than a year of experience on the mountain bike), and even offered me some advice to help me conquer the mountains better. Now I’ve returned the Asheville area in the Spring of ‘23 as a more experienced rider and wanted to tackle Pisgah National Forest, but lacked trail knowledge and had no one to ride with. I once again hired Nick to take me around the vast forest. We had a great time and cover nearly 26 miles! He once again catered to my abilities perfectly.

If you’re looking for a guide to take you anywhere in the Asheville area, this is my solid recommendation
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